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 Offensive PF + MS Strategies: getting mismatches + Defensive tactics for 2 G team. By Soldier King

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PostSubject: Offensive PF + MS Strategies: getting mismatches + Defensive tactics for 2 G team. By Soldier King   Mon Feb 25, 2013 2:22 pm

Hi, Soldier King here, with a guide for you guys about some tactics. I saw a lot of these first hand this year at the world championship in Korea.
Remember, nothing great is accomplished alone.

Asian style - Teamwork as well as FS
1. PF/C power dribbles the G at top of key, once power dribble engaged, 50 pct chance of stopping, if successful 2v3 situation.
1a. sometimes the pf will power dribble in a different spot ie the center, while you are chasing the g around the baseline and he runs up to the center, drawing you into the pfs power dribble.

1Defense. Check in fc the range of the pf's power dribble by having another press a/w without moving. Make sure to go on the side of him or if you have to, far enough away, and if he's far from the paint, you can get in some steals.

2. C leaves the paint and moving screens for the g. Common misconception that the defender should faceup 2 this, but the truth is with ms 1v2 you can't block in most situations. If your c comes and helps, left with a mismatch down low pf vs g.

2Defense. Have your 2nd defender watch their C and when they see him leave the paint, avoid the pf, and come right to the screen. Now that its 2v2 on the outside, each defender must get a side of the screen with w and don't leave it. The person whose closer should get the farther to reach spot, most likely the corner forcing him to the inside. The C will be 1v1 on the PF which is the ideal matchup.

Defense important side note: After the g shoots behind a MS, always box out the moving screener to give your rebber a 1v1 opportunity for reb. If you were smart and actually got a help defender, the person whose side the g shoots on, should jump, while the other player should box out the center/screener.

3v2 PF Offense
For 3v2 once a defender has fallen, you can use the Center to ms for a wide shot and have a rebber still there. Or you can use 2 screeners down low, you can be creative.

Can't Stop Fate/ColorTheGlobe Offensive Strategy: Dribble
1. Use G to draw a double team, leaving a 2v1 situation down low. Pass to PF 95 pct of time or if completely wide C.

1 Defense. Don't automatically go to double team the G, make the g break your defender first. Leaving 2v1 down low leaves even the best blocker is in a difficult situation.

2v1 PF Offense
For 2v1 in paint, the pf must read the c.
1. If he over commits to you, Pass to the C.
2. If he is close to you but still in position to block the c power dribble him, for 50 pct break, if successful, shoot if wide or pass to C for power advantage over any other blocker. If not successful pass.
3. If C is far away from you, use your center as a blocker and try to go as far as you can from their c in a position where you are pillared from block.
Ideal situation is one below, where your C is in between their C and you and can move and cut off their c for an almost impossible block.
Ie.C PF >>>>^^^
C v
. v
. v

Using dribble Offense for 2v1 PF notes: You have a 3-4 second window to score before the defenders return. If you mess up, nothing wrong with passing to G and resetting the offense.

Hope this helps!!!
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Offensive PF + MS Strategies: getting mismatches + Defensive tactics for 2 G team. By Soldier King
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